Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Styling for Joey G....

style for joey G..
with ..LV....Dunhil...D&G...Givenchy..CNC..etc...
..he is a very cheeky and nice person....when i first saw him..
is about 3 years ago...when i m still work part time for one of the event company.
but he never change,still the same smile, same cheeky....
he like my style so much...:P
was very happy to work with him..
he said he will built up the body for the cover shoot..
we will see then...keep it up Joey...:P
and i met Kak V at the studio..kak V tu
check out the LV damn nice....i just cant control myself to wore
the flowers its for the shoot too....Joey will pose with the flower..

Dont u guys feel he is a very cheeky guy???

he willing to do any pose that i asked him to be....

he wore my sneaker,sun glasses,my tie for the shoot

..the size of the shoe its very small for him....

Joey pls take care of my shoe..:P

for the shoot,i wanna show joey's real personality.

so i asked him to relax and try to be urself,not to be a model....

at the end ,we work very well for the shoot..i can say

this is my best fashion spread ever.....thank u JOEY...

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